'About fairies and lovers'


'With virtuosity she takes us into a world of fairies and immortal lovers, not becoming indulgent, but convincing with technical finesse and a lot of verve. [...] Now the soloist has presented her own orchestra.'

Kölnische Rundschau, 08/12/2021

'On the dance stage'


'With the piano versions of three famous ballet pieces she enchants constantly. [...] The pianist performs all this atmospherically captivating. What she gets out of the keys is fantastic. [...] All three piano versions are immense challenges in terms of playing technique and interpretation. Birringer masters them with great tonal imagination and mature technique.'

Concerti, 08/05/2021

'High-quality enrichment'

'It is important for her to create the magic of the fairy tale material on the one hand through a distinctly sophisticated palette of touch and, even more so, through the vital agility of her phrasing, which approximates dance. The fact that she succeeds in this consistently testifies to a pianistic quality with which she can effortlessly fulfill the rather feared technical demands of the "Petrushka" pieces and lend a plastic profile to the very different tunings and colors of the miniatures of the ballets by Prokofieff and Tchaikovsky. [...] An extremely entertaining and high-quality enrichment of the piano catalog.'
Aachener Zeitung, 06/12/2021

'Intelligent performer'


'Sophisticated rhythms, finely dosed colors, dynamic gradations and rhetorical rubato make the three pieces very distinctive. [...] With fine dynamic nuances and well thought-out articulation, she combines the ballet music’s élan with an ideal espressivo.' to the article

Pizzicato, 06/10/2021

'With a lot of sound fantasy and orchestral sound'


'Her playing sounds powerful and full in the tutti, but she can also "imitate" individual instruments. [...] Esther Birringer turns it into an instrumental theater, under her hands the piano becomes a performance stage. Esther Birringer [...] has made a brilliant debut - chapeau!'
Radio Bremen, 06/06/2021

'When pictures are hearable on the piano'

'Under her fingers the artist awakens the figures to life, so that they dance in front of the listener's mind's eye. [...] One notices the sovereignty of the virtuoso on the album Once Upon A Time. [...] Without being overly bold, she sometimes lets her fingers whisper on the keyboard, but then again, she attacks the right places with the necessary vehemence. [...] Handstand is successful in every way.' more
O-Ton, 05/24/2021