Awards for Di tanti palpiti


Esther and Lea Birringer's latest CD appears on the longlist 1/2020 and has been nominated for the independent record award 'Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik' in the category 'best new release in the chamber music section'.

The album also received a nomination for the International Classical Music Awards (ICMA) 2020.

The CD has received numerous positive reviews from radio and media stations and won the Supersonic Award of the classical music magazine Pizzicato. All this is proof of the exceptional quality of the album.

New Album Di tanti palpiti


Although Lea Birringer and her violin are the focus of this production, she is not alone: the collaboration with her sister Esther Birringer, which has been tried and tested for many years, is once again impressively successful. While the pianist elicits melodies 'full of intimate lyricism and sparkling fluency' (Voralberger Nachrichten) from her instrument, she rounds off the overall impression excellently with her exquisite piano artistry.

'Sound experience' at the Bad Schallerbach Music Summer

'The sibling duo Lea and Esther Birringer inspired [...] with their perfectly coordinated music-making and sparkling virtuosity. This rousing interpretation turned the sensitive harmonic work into a melodic listening experience.'

Kronen Zeitung, 11/20/2018

The Birringers with Lifelines above the clouds

Since August the new CD of the siblings Lea and Esther Birringer, which was released by Rubicon Classics in January 2018, has been part of the Lufthansa In-Flight Entertainment programme.

'After their debut three years ago, the second album of the two sisters from the Saarland with works from the late romantic period is now following. The two violinists then span the musical emotional worlds of the 19th century.'


New  CD  - Lea und Esther Birringer evoke romantic feelings in virtuoso competition


Rubicon Classics will release their new album Lifelines on 01/26/2018, also thanks to successful crowdfundings. After a rare repertoire from the 20th century, the Birringers now in their second album create a bridge between the musical emotional worlds of the 19th century: From a little played youthful work of Edvard Grieg from the legendary Scandinavia to touching lamentations of Franz Liszt and the highly dramatic life cycle of César Franck, the two sisters also impress in concert: 'Full of pressing passion the bow of the violin with the dancing fingers on the piano seemed to perform a kind of virtuoso competition.'
Oberbayerisches Volksblatt

Esther Birringer as a lecturer at the University in Xiamen, China


In December 2017, the pianist performs in the Chinese cities of Qingdao, Nanjing, Xiamen and Guangzhou.  Besides giving master classes for young musicians and students, she gives musical lectures.

© Fritz Jurmann, Vorarlberger Nachrichten 09/29/17

'Bull's eye with Grieg concerto'

The Vorarlberger Nachrichten describe the performance of pianist Esther Birringer in Dornbirn together with the Collegium Instrumentale under Guntram Simma as 'great cinema for the ears'.
'In the full-stopping piano part, she fulfils the highest expectations as a great talent, powerfully virtuoso and flawlessly, an equal partner of the musicians, full of intimate lyricism and sparkling fluency.'

FAMILY ZONE - this year's theme of the Davos Festival

What fits thematically better than two sisters who have been making music together since they can remember?
Experience Lea and Esther Birringer from 6 to 20 August 2016 in Davos, Switzerland. Listen to the siblings in various instrumentations with works by Schubert, Silvestrov, Martinu, Casella and many more.

'There must be discussion, friction, or there is boredom.'


'Different work process, different demands, different ways of making music.
"Exciting," that's the term the two sisters finally agree on.'


Here you can find the whole article about Lea und Esther Birringer, their cooperation as a duo and their this year's participation at the Davos Festival.

Musik&Theater, Special Edition Davos Festival 2016

Text: Christoph Vratz

Classic meets School - Esther Birringer on behalf of Rhapsody In School

She sees her visit as 'an important opportunity to bring children and young people into contact with classical music', explained Esther. It is particularly important to her to introduce classical music to her students in a way that is not often associated with it, but young, fresh, varied and not only suitable for older audiences. The school lesson was almost not long enough to answer the many questions of the knowledge-hungry students. They will probably not forget this special kind of music lessons so quickly.
Text © Wochenspiegel, 06/02/2016

Extract from the CRESCENDO magazine in cooperation with the German Mozart Society

'My sister is my harshest critic', says pianist Esther Birringer about her sister Lea. Both pursue their individual careers as violinist and pianist, but also enjoy performing together on stage. According to Esther Birringer, playing together with her own sister is different from playing with chamber music partners from other countries, but above all it is easier: 'We always save ourselves the phase of getting to know each other and can go one level higher. In other line-ups you always have to get to know the people and their musical style first.'Getting to know the musical style of the counterpart, that is, learning his musical mother tongue. For siblings, this is often the same. Having one's own brother or sister as a chamber music partner is therefore one thing above all: a privilege.'

As a guest of Federal President Joachim Gauck - Concert in the Bellevue Castle

On the occasion of the state visit of Mexico's President Enrique Peña Nieto to Berlin, Esther Birringer performed at the Bellevue Palace. Other guests of honour were Mexican football star Javier 'Chicharito' Hernández and his wife.

'At home in Hanover' - An interview with the Hanoverian magazine Quando

Parents who were musicians themselves, a predetermined path as a pianist, the term 'wunderkind' - Esther Birringer has never experienced the typical clichés of the industry like this. Read about her unconventional and sometimes difficult path to a career as a pianist and about her thoughts on her studies and career.

Text © Christian Schütte

Quando issue 4/2015, October - December

'Pretty and successful' - read about Esther and Lea Birringer in the BILD newspaper

There is a lot to discover on Lea and Esther Birringer's first album. Text & Photo © NDR
There is a lot to discover on Lea and Esther Birringer's first album. Text & Photo © NDR

04/09/2014: Esther and Lea Birringer at the NDR Foyerkonzert on tour

With courage into the modern age

You could have made it easy for yourself: If Lea and Esther Birringer, sisters, musicians, upcoming classical stars, had chosen a standard classical-romantic programme of Mozart, Beethoven and Schumann for their debut CD, it would have gone smoothly. But they wanted to record modern pieces that rarely make it onto CD, even more rarely onto a debut CD: violin sonatas by Szymanowski, Hindemith, Respighi. The result: the critics rejoice over 'musical aggressiveness', over 'moments of poetic beauty' and over their 'programme with standards'. The classical music audience listens up - here two young women prove their daring!


Off the beaten track


Well then, let them explain where they get the courage to leave the well-trodden paths of program selection. After all, the two artists will not only make music at the NDR Kultur Foyerkonzert o

n tour in Wolfenbüttel, but also tell stories. About themselves, about their careers, about their favourite pieces. And in this way they will tell their audience what has shaped them, what they love about classical music and why the less known can sometimes be more exciting than the old familiar. Which of course is nothing to be said against Beethoven! But Lea and Esther Birringer explain that best themselves.