Esther Birringer



Once Upon A Time



Rubicon Classics

Release: 28 May 2021







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'On her first solo album, she brilliantly virtuosically narrates three Russian fairy tales.'

Radio Klassik, 05/20/21

'With a lot of sound fantasy and orchestral sound'

'Esther Birringer has made a brilliant debut - chapeau!'

Radio Bremen, 06/06/21

'Distinctly sophisticated range of touch'

'An extremely entertaining and high-class enrichment'

Aachener Zeitung, 06/12/21

'Who dares wins'

'With this repertoire she does not need to hide behind possibly superior colleagues. What a beautiful performance, not 'once upon a time', but ' it is the time'.'

Musicalifeiten, Jan de Kruijff, 08/03/21

'The handstand is successful in every way'

'Without being overly bold, she sometimes lets her fingers whisper on the keyboard, but then again, she attacks the right places with the necessary vehemence.'

O-Ton, 05/24/21

'Intelligent performer'

'With fine dynamic nuances and well thought-out articulation, she combines the ballet music’s élan with an ideal espressivo.'

Pizzicato, 06/10/21

'With great tonal imagination and mature technique'
'What she gets out of the keys is fantastic.'
Concerti, 08/05/21

'About fairies and lovers'

'With virtuosity she takes us into a world of fairies and immortal lovers, not becoming indulgent, but convincing with technical finesse and a lot of verve.'

Kölnische Rundschau, 08/12/21