New album DEBUSSY is out!

'Birringer shows herself to be an intelligent performer'- Pizzicato

Next concert

10/29/2022 | 7 pm


Berlin (DE)

Works by Debussy, Mozart, De Falla etc.

'Big impact with exactly the right means' - Nordsee-Zeitung

'With passionate temperament' - Fono Forum

Claude Debussy - Light and Shadow

After her debut album Once Upon A Time, which was released in May 2021, Esther Birringer has now come up with a second album. This time it's about the French composer Claude Debussy, who revolutionized music in his time and created new dimensions, especially in terms of sound and its effect.

Clip of the piano debut CD

'Pianist Esther Birringer presents her debut CD Once Upon A Time, which will be released at the end of May, in a first enchanting video. This video itself is a treasure not to be missed.'

O-Ton Culture Magazine, 05/02/2021

New travel VLOG

Esther Birringer takes you on her concert tours in her new travel VLOG from now on. Here you can experience a cruise aboard the MS Europa through Germany, Poland and Sweden.

'Corona Concerts' during lockdown

The Corona crisis and the cancellation of numerous events and concerts that accompanied it, creates new perspectives and possibilities in addition to this special situation of social isolation. In this context pianist Esther Birringer has launched a living room concert series.

'What she gets out of the keys is fantastic' - Concerti
'She convinces with a lot of sound fantasy and orchestral sound on the piano' - Radio Bremen