'An interesting pianist who definitely deserves attention' - RONDO Magazine

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07/17/2024 | 5 pm


Deutsches Schifffahrtsmuseum (DE)


Works by Händel, Schubert/Liszt, Debussy etc.

'Birringer shows herself to be an intelligent performer'- Pizzicato

'Superb musicianship is on display here' - Fanfare Magazine

'Rising Stars' - Esther Birringer in the BBC Music Magazine

In the Christmas issue of the BBC Music Magazine Esther Birringer is featured among the Rising Stars. She reveals which artists inspire her and what the perfect performance looks like for her.

An interview with Piano Street Magazine

'Esther Birringer has always been inspired by Debussy’s magical sounds and his extraordinary power to evoke dreamy atmospheres that allow you to escape time and space. Her new album contrasts rarely played works such as the Ballade, the Nocturne, and the brilliant Masques with some of Debussy’s most popular pieces.'

Piano Street Magazine, 10/12/2022

Read the interview here.


Claude Debussy - Light and Shadow

After her debut album Once Upon A Time, which was released in May 2021, Esther Birringer has now come up with a second album. This time it's about the French composer Claude Debussy, who revolutionized music in his time and created new dimensions, especially in terms of sound and its effect.

'She gives honest and thoughtful performances' - BBC Music Magazine
'Her instincts for colour and nuance work well' - Gramophone