"Same wavelength, compatible temperament, blind faith - key parameters in chamber music for rousing interpretations.”
BR-Klassik, 25/01/14


"The Birringers are an example of playing in a togetherness that has matured over years. Across the spot on interaction of their playing there also seems to exist a dramatic space."

 SZ, 30/12/13


"All phrases are expressed as one, all the rises and falls of the music are in harmony. [...] The Birringer sisters even remain highly focused at times when the extreme pressure eases off. There are moments of poetic beauty in their slow phrases."

NDR Kultur, 10/01/14

In addition to their solo activities, the sisters also enjoy a close collaboration as a duo.

Lea and Esther Birringer are one of the most promising sibling duos of their generation. In 2011, they achieved a major breakthrough by winning two prestigious international chamber music competitions consecutively, Premio Vittorio Gui and Concorso Internazionale di Musica da Camera Città di Pinerolo. Since then the Duo has received numerous invitations from chamber music festivals and concert series, and has impressed audiences with their stylistic and original interpretations of works from both the standard and modern repertoire.

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